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Frequently Asked Questions about the Koren Specific Technique at Secrest Family Chiropractic, PC

Here at Secrest Family Chiropractic, PC, our chiropractor, Dr. Daniel P. Secrest, DC, is proud to offer the Koren Specific Technique for pain relief and the healing of certain musculoskeletal injuries.

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What is the Koren Specific Technique (KST)?

The Koren Specific Technique is part of our comprehensive approach to health and wellness. It is an Applied Kinesiology Technique that locates and corrects misalignments and energy blockages that are affecting your health and wellness. It involves an examination, determining the locations of your injuries and applying a chiropractic correction to reduce your pain and facilitate the healing of your injuries.

What injuries does our chiropractor treat with KST?

Our chiropractor, serving Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills, uses KST to correct misalgnments in the spine and extremity joints. It can also be used to treat painful trigger points, allergies, Fibromyalgia, severe headaches, herniated discs, stress and disorders of the joints.

How long do Koren Specific Technique sessions last?

The Koren Specific Technique involves using a three step process, which starts with a thorough examination to determine where your body is out of alignment. Next, Dr. Daniel P. Secrest, DC will use the occipital drop to determine the precise locations of your injuries. The occipital drop is a unique diagnostic technique. It utilizes your body's natural physical reactions as well as changes in your body's energy field. It gets its name from the occipital bone located at the base of your skull. The theory states that if an injured area on your body is pressed or made to feel worse, you will involuntarily move your head or the muscle located next to the occipital bone will move. If neither of those things happen, the energy around your body will fluctuate, letting our chiropractor know that he has found an injured area. If absolutely nothing happens, the area is not injured. The last step involves correcting the injured areas so that they are properly aligned. Dr. Daniel P. Secrest, DC performs this step with an instrument adjusting device called the ArthoSim, which is more comfortable than a traditional chiropractic adjustment.

How many sessions will I need before I experience pain relief?

The number of sessions you need will depend on the severity of your injury and whether it is a chronic or acute injury. Most people need between three and eight sessions before they experience noticeable pain relief. Dr. Secrest, DC will explain your treatment plan and the estimated number of sessions at your first appointment.

How do I schedule an appointment with your chiropractor, serving Scottsdale, Phoenix,Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills?

Scheduling an appointment with our chiropractor, serving Scottsdale, Phoenix,Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills, for an Applied Kinesiology session is easy. All you have to do is call us at (480) 994-4411 for your FREE new patient consultation. We are located at 3350 North Hayden Road in Suite 112.

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Dr Secrest really cares about his patients. He resolved a 3 year headaches issue for one of my sons that all the other doctors couldn't and he's been fantastic working with my son with autism.

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